Teflon Price: 10 Tips to Help You Save Teflon Buying Cost

10 Tips to Help You Save Teflon Buying Cost

There are many variables affecting Teflon prices in the market. Usually, it starts from the obvious market forces of demand and supply to regulatory requirements.

But even before exploring tips that will help you save on Teflon prices, let’s look at some fundamental facts.

Teflon Vs. PTFE

PTFE and Teflon refer to the same material. However, Teflon is the brand name for DuPont’s PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene).

Teflon is made by processing water, hydrofluoric acid, fluorspar, and chloroform. The PTFE manufacturing process involves chemical reactions producing highly functional fluoropolymer.

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How to Save on Teflon Buying Cost

1. Buying PTFE in Bulk

When you buy PTFE material in bulk, there is a high chance of getting competitive prices. In most cases, PTFE manufacturers offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Depending on the Teflon quantity you want, the cost can be in:

  • Teflon price per kg or,
  • Teflon price per pound

Of course, there are PTFE manufacturers who use other methods for quotation – say price per tonne to quantify the material.

Others may quote the price in terms of PTFE sheets, PTFE rods, or PTFE bars. In such cases, they may quote the prices based on the number of sheets, bars, or rods.

In most cases, Teflon wholesale price is always lower.

2. Compare PTFE Prices

Let’s look at these PTFE material prices:

Type of  Teflon Material PTFE Material Price
3mm thick Teflon sheet (high temperature) 5 USD per kilogram
Skived Teflon sheet filled with glass 15 USD per 10 to 99 square meters
Skived Teflon sheet etched on one side 10 USD per piece


As you can see, these Teflon prices vary depending on the material type.

Again PTFE manufacturers quote the prices differently. The price can be based on weight, number of sheets, or dimensions.

Even with this dilemma, you should get quotations from more than one Teflon manufacturer. This way, identifying PTFE suppliers with the best deals will be easier.

3. Specify Teflon Application

PTFE Gasket
PTFE Gasket

Knowing the right application for your Teflon sheet will save you a lot of money. Remember, we have the virgin Teflon material which is slightly costly.

Of course, we have the mechanical grade PFTE, which is affordable compared to the virgin Teflon. Then there are the filled PTFE whose prices vary depending on the filler material type.

All these Teflon, are recommended for different applications. This is an important variable that affects the price directly. Therefore, knowing the exact application will help you save on Teflon price.

For example, the Teflon gasket price is different from the Teflon plate price. Even the Teflon gasket applications vary depending on the material grade.

4. Check the Available Forms of PTFE

Teflon comes in very many forms. Whether you want Teflon in an unprocessed state or fully processed state.

A fully processed Teflon is more expensive than an unprocessed option. Here is the logic, processing implies the manufacturer has incurred additional costs you have to pay when buying Teflon.

Moreover, the manufacturing process also plays an integral role. Don’t expect the price of skived Teflon to be the same as molded Teflon (of course for the same product).

Let’s look at some common forms in which PTFE material exists:

Form in which Teflon Exist Possible Price Estimate
Teflon sheet price 7 USD per kg
Expanded Teflon sheet price 2 USD per meter
Teflon tube price 1 to 15 USD per meter
Teflon block price 8 to 20 USD per kg
Teflon film price 6 to 8 USD per square meter
Teflon powder price 7 to 9 USD per meter


Note: These prices are only estimates. If you want accurate Teflon prices – contact the PTFE manufacturer.

5. Consider Teflon Grades

Choosing the right Teflon grade for your application will save you from spending money on what you don’t need. We can classify the existing PTFE grades as:

  • Virgin Teflon
  • Mechanical grade Teflon
  • Filled PTFE
  • Chemically modified PTFE

All these variables affect Teflon material price. So don’t go for superior features yet your application requires Teflon with just basic properties.

Or, don’t go for Teflon made from virgin PTFE, yet the application requires mechanical grade Teflon.

6. Understand the Forces of Demand & Supply

Since PFTE was discovered in the 1930s, there have been significant changes in prices. This has been attributed to manufacturing technology and processing.

Ideally, when the demand for Teflon is high and supply is low, expect to pay more. Import restrictions and geopolitics may also affect Teflon prices.

Additionally, for mechanical grade PTFE, the Teflon scrap price determines how much you will pay for the material.

With the help of your manufacturer and supplier analyze market conditions to know when the Teflon material price is reasonable.

The following are some practical ways of handling possible Teflon price fluctuations and volatility:

  • Financial hedging – it will protect you from possible uncertainty and high price movements
  • Have a robust demand management plan – it may call for reconstructing
  • Adopt multiple supply strategies alongside collaborative partnerships
PTFE Price Trend
PTFE Price Trend

7. Negotiate for the Best Teflon Price

Negotiating for the best Teflon price from the manufacturer will save you a lot. Buying Teflon from China will give you room for negotiations.

Most China PTFE manufacturers value long-term partnerships. Therefore, most companies are willing to offer competitive prices in exchange for long-term cooperation.

Don’t settle for the price the PTFE manufacturer offers in their first quotation.

8. Buying Teflon as Raw Material or Finished Product

Generally, you will find that Teflon pan price, Teflon powder price, or Teflon sheet prices vary broadly.

You must be very strategic. Weigh your options to evaluate whether buying a finishing Teflon product or the raw material is a perfect option.

As a general rule, if you can process Teflon to a finished product, then you opt for raw material.

Teflon Rasin
Teflon Rasin

9. Buy PTFE from Trusted Manufacturer and Supplier

First, buying low-quality Teflon material can be costly. Your products will be substandard, and this will eventually hurt your brand.

Therefore, buying high-quality Teflon with the right composition is a cost-saving strategy. It can be both short and long-term cost-saving benefits.

Additionally, most reputable Teflon manufacturers may offer discounts while guaranteeing quality. This is also alongside competitive pricing on all Teflon materials.

10. Focus on Buying High-Quality Teflon


Buy quality Teflon material to save on both short and long-term. The cost of using substandard Teflon material is always detrimental.

Whether you are buying a finished product or raw material, insist on buying high-quality Teflon. Of course, you can only get high-quality Teflon from a reputable manufacturer.


By implementing these 10 tips, you can easily reduce the Teflon buying price. These tips will help you have a solid strategic plan for getting competitive Teflon prices both in the short and long run.

At Hansa, we have high-quality Teflon at competitive prices. Our team is always ready to help you formulate a sustainable solution.

More resources:

Global Teflon Market Size – Source: Statista

PTFE Market – Source: Markets and Markets

PTFE Price Index – Source: Business AnlytiQ

PTFE Price, Trend, and Forecast – Source: Chemanalyst

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  • “HANSA has been my PTFE seal supplier for my automotive company. For more then two years, they are consistently providing high-quality and performance sealing. The products are durable and really suits my projects”
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